2003-11-12 dani-lou

Rambling and thoughts

Contact: Six different methods; guestbook, email, notify list, question and answer, notes, comments (5/5)
Errors: I cant' tell if the guestbook link works because signmyguestbook is down, but what else is new? Otherwise everything works. (10/10)
Navigation: Everything is easy to find and easy to see. I think the guestbook link along with it being in your contact page is probably overkill. (9/10)
Updates: Every few days with some multiples (8/10)
Layout Design: I usually like simple layouts but this one seems like it was thrown together. It just looks like a bunch of well placed tables and there isn't anything pullig it together. The colors are nice and I give you credit for a self-made layout.
I think you need to do something with your archives page. I get the idea of what you're trying to do but maybe you can archive the entries on the top, then leave just a link for the categories instead of having everything listed under them. (15/20)
Content: This entry made me so sad. At first I was chuckling at your contempt for your family and steaks but when I read that my heart about tore right out of my chest. Its such a sad thing for a child to have to say.
You write very well. Your spelling, grammar, and those types of things are very good. I don't see abbreviations and internet lingo, either. When you write, you write. This is definitely not the average, everyday, boring diary about what you ate and what you're wearing. When you do mention those things, you give details and talk about why you mention them. I really feel the emotions in your entries and you pour them out like you're not even stopping to think of what they are. That right there is impressive, considering I don't see grammar and spelling errors. (40/40)
Extras: If I wrote out all of the extras on your extras page, you'd have a ten page review, so I'll simplify. There's the extras page, an about me page, and four buttons for vaious things on your main layout, along with a stats counter. (5/5)

Total Points: 92/100 I'll be back!
Reviewed by:Carla

Recommended Reading: The Word

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